Two Carnivals to Make You Smarter

This post is one you will want to bookmark and come back to while you are off for the Thanksgiving. You know during that time when you want to sneak away from all the din and clatter of the family. Here are two Carnivals that will educate you on a variety of HR related subjects.
HR-Carnival-649 x 350
First up is the Carnival of HR, hosted by Jennifer Miller at the People Equation. She has done a fabulous job of collecting 19 posts on leadership, engagement, career development, and a variety of HR practices that will give you some good tips and insight.

Welcome to the Employment Law Blog Carnival:

Hollywood Villains Edition

The second carnival is the Employment Law Blog Carnival, hosted by Eric. B. Meyers at The Employer Handbook. Yeah, I know, you are thinking law stuff??? But Eric has put this in a format that ties it to Hollywood movie villains. It is very creative and very entertaining. Learn what Darth Vader, Hans Gruber, Annie Wilkes, Hannibal Lechter, Freddie Krueger and more villains have to do with HR law.
Enjoy your reading. And come back often.

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