Facing Your Fear


Doubt about who you are and what you can do will hinder you in live.
Doubt about who you are and what you can do will hinder you in live.

This is not a long post today. This is being posted on Halloween, so most people are anxious to get through the day and get home to take the kiddies out. I thought a post about fear would be appropriate. This is not Halloween fear however, this is your own fear and how it is important to face your fear.
Don’t be held back
Many people go through their lives never daring. Never daring to do something, never daring to try something, never daring to step out of a mold they perceive they must live in.  I am reading a book called Predatory Thinking, written by Dave Trott. (More about this later in an audio book review.) In this book Trott tells the story of Jane Juska. She, at the age of 67, did something that few women had done. (You will have to read here  to find out what that was.) The point of Trott’s story was that she dared.
He says her lesson and the lesson to all of is that “we can’t be successful and confident if we try to live with no risk. We can’t be disruptive if we constantly seek permission.” He says “So our life, and our work, will be as exciting as we make it.”
He concluded with:

“If we can learn to ignore ourselves, we can do anything we want.”

So learn to ignore yourself and face your inner fear. You will be better for it.
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