Future Friday: Pay Attention to the Contrarians


Always consider the opposing point of view.. you may find it valuable.
Always consider the opposing point of view.. you may find it valuable.

One mistake that is often made in an interview, or in many other situations in life, is that we pay attention to information that confirms our current beliefs.  In an interview situation that leads us to accept what we like about a candidate and dismiss the signals that indicated the candidate was not as good as we hoped. We make the same mistake in politics and our personal lives. We don our “rose colored glasses” and proceed on with our daily activities. However, in the activity of considering alternative futures you need to pay attention to the contrarians.
What if they are right?
When you are considering futures for your organization you want to develop several alternative possibilities for where you might be headed. This means not only the outcome or future you desire, but you want to look at worse case scenarios as well. This means you need to read material that presents a very different point of view from your own. You need to consider their arguments and their facts and use them in structuring your alternative future. After all, what if they are right?
An interesting contrarian
I am generally an optimist. So I find it interesting to read people who are not so optimistic. After all what if they are right? One writer I have found to makes me think and who provocative in what he says is Ian Walsh. His blog post Baseline Predictions for the next 60 Odd years will not leave you with a smile. In fact he may even leave you depressed. However, if you pay attention to him in your thinking he will leave you better prepared as you consider what your future may be.
After all what if he is right?
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