The In-Person Value of Social Media


Explaining the value of social media to HR along with Shane Baily and Chris Fields
Explaining the value of social media to HR along with Shane Baily and Chris Fields

It is no secret that I am a big fan of social media. I think it is important in the field of HR now and I think it will be critical in the future for both the profession and for the professionals who embrace it. Your advancement will be hindered in the future without it. But that aside there is another benefit of being involved in social media; it is the in-person value. By getting to know someone through social media you quite often get a chance to meet them in person.
Middle Tennessee SHRM Conference
I was invited to participate in the inaugural social media effort of the Middle Tennessee SHRM chapter at the conference that was recently held in Nashville, #TNSHRM13. By attending and participating I was able to reconnect with some people I had previously met and had a chance to meet, in real life, some new acquaintances. I think these are some great people to know so I am going to introduce them to you. Make a connection with them, encourage them and learn from them.
Heading this effort up was Lyn Franklin Hoyt. Lyn is actively involved in social media in addition to running six different websites. She is on Twitter under @MTSHRM. She headed up this effort for the SHRM chapter to help introduce 900+ conference attendees to social media. You can find her Linked In profile here.
My friend Chris Fields was actively involved and is, in fact,the one who invited me. Chris has three websites, two of which are and The Resume Crusade In addition to being a prolific blogger under @new_resource, he is an expert resume writer who has been a valuable resource to many people, including my wife. You may not meet a nicer person.
Dave Ryan, aka the @DavetheHRCzar, is the Director of HR for Mel-O-Cream, despite his lanky frame. He is a fellow “old dog” HR pro who was an early adopter of social media. He is frequently invited to HR conferences to speak on social media. He is a must follow and is the perfect example of social media is not just a youth movement. His website is HROfficial.
Melissa Fairman, aka @HRRemix, is an HR pro out of Virginia. She is one of the new breed who adopted social media without reservation and early. Her blog, HRreMix  is a great read. I had met her at SHRM National in Chicago but got to know her much better this time around. Her feminine touch took the male edge off some of us guys.
Justin Harris, aka @UnlikelyHRGuy, is also one of the younger set. He has a smile that is always plastered across his face, even though you can’t see it in his avatar. He blogs at ruHRelevant. Check him out.
Shane Bailey, @psshanebaily, knew his stuff and was very valuable with discussions of some of the marketing and SEO aspects of social media Twitter use. He works for DeVry University but also is the cofounder and host of SEC Sports Roundtable.
Finally there was Tammy LaPoint-O’Brien, aka @TammyLPOB. She was a tweeting machine during the conference, not only tweeting her material and pictures but re-tweeting everyone else’s material as well. Tammy is in the marketplace, so if you are a company in middle Tennessee and want someone with HR and social media look her up.
Dennis Stull, aka @DASHR, the 2013 president of the Middle Tennessee SHRM chapter needs to be congratulated on leading a very fine conference. Dennis made a big commitment and said he would shave his head if the conference met it’s goals. Well attendance was sold out and vendors exhibited in large numbers. The presentations were informative and Dennis lost a head full of beautiful hair. See his profile.
Those of us in the Social Media Pit were successful in helping many people dip their toes into the social media world and from what I understand the chapter is already planning on expanding the effort next year. I hope the invite me back.

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