First-Day Essentials for New Hires

Being a new hire on the first day can be tough.
Being a new hire on the first day can be tough

You wowed the powers-that-be with your professional portfolio and company-minded attitude. Now it is time to put that preview into practice. Many companies today are seeking employees that are a “best-fit” for the culture, the mission and the corporate vision. Even though there might be a learning curve involved in your new position, the first day on the job is the best time to prove you are a valuable asset to the team. Organizing your “first-day essentials” ahead of time will help you create a positive first impression.

Dress the Part

Hopefully you remember what your supervisor was wearing when he or she interviewed you and offered you the job. Maybe you even remember what your future colleagues wore. Every office environment is slightly different, so if you haven’t got a clue you could read the dress code in the employee manual or follow some basic tips from the experts.
A clean, wrinkle-free button-down dress shirt with a collar and neutral or dark-colored, proper fitting slacks are almost always acceptable. Wear a jacket or sport coat and stash a tie in the pocket, just in case. You can always remove the coat. An excellent tip from Mind Tools is to pay particular attention to grooming. Get a cut and shave and consider a manicure — you’re going to be shaking lots of hands as you meet the staff. Macy’s has a wide selection of dress shirts for men.

Tools of the Trade

With so many companies switching to BYOD (bring-your-own-device) practices to save money and streamline communication, chances are you will use your personal laptop, iPad, smart phone and other digital gear at the office. Teena Hammond, senior editor at TechRepublic, reported 44 percent of companies surveyed already have BYOD policies in place and another 18 percent plan to initiate those policies before the end of 2013. If you need to upgrade equipment for higher efficiency or more memory, you’ll be looking for the best laptop you can afford to showcase your skill and expertise. Before heading to the office for the first time clean up your equipment files and performance.


Load your backpack or attache case with the necessities to get you from clock-in to the closing bell.

  • Mini dop kit: Include toothpaste, toothbrush and floss; breath mints or gum; a couple of small band-aids for paper cuts, brush/comb, eye-glass repair kit or contact solution and any medication you take daily.
  • Light lunch or snacks: Sharing a meal in the company break room is perfect for getting to know your peers. Your co-workers might invite you to lunch at the company cafeteria or the local deli, but it never hurts to be prepared. Packing your own snack ensures you are prepared for the 3 o’clock energy drop.
  • Remember to stow charging equipment or backup batteries for your digital devices — a dead battery would be very embarrassing in the middle of your first presentation.
  • Business card holder: Yes, people still use them. offers several affordable styles and fast shipping.
  • Note taking items: Whether you use a pen and notepad, a digital recorded or your laptop, be sure you have a way to take notes about your duties, office assignments and emergency plans.

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