One big reason to attend the 2013 Tennessee SHRM Conference

mid Tenn logoWhat do Nashville, Middle Tennessee SHRM, and social media have in common? The answer is me! I got a call from my friend Chris Fields a couple of weeks ago. He needed a hand. Big time HR guru and social media expert Michael Vandervort had a change in his schedule that made it impossible for him to attend this conference. So Chris, who along with Lynn Hoyt, is heading up the social media effort for the conference reached out to me to fill in. I was an easy choice they only had to change the last name on the reservation and conference badge. Kidding aside, I was happy to help out and I am looking forward to attending the 2013 Tennessee SHRM Conference on September 15-18th in Nashville.

Social Media

As you know, my blog just turned 8 years old. My use of other social media, especially Linked In and Twitter is just about as old. I jumped into social media use enthusiastically and continue to be a heavy user. I encourage my contacts and students to use it. I have held a couple of webinars on its use as well. So when Chris asked me to be a part of the “Social Media PIT” to help encourage others interested in learning more I was happy to do so.

I see social media use and knowledge as a necessary skill set for the modern HR professional to have. Denial of its importance is the first indication that you are doomed to be an HR dinosaur. It is becoming, and will grow to be, a prime communication tool with employees of the future. Already, according to Challenger Grey, employers are foregoing the use of the traditional resume and using social media sites to learn about applicants. If your competitors are using it then you should understand the tools as well, otherwise you will find yourself at a competitive disadvantage. So hopefully I can impart to some of the Tennessee HR attendees my enthusiasm about social media use.

The value of a conference

Conferences are always good to attend. A conference is a place to hear new ideas, be exposed to ways of thinking you may be unfamiliar with, and to meet fellow HR professionals who at some point may become a valuable resource for you. Additionally it is a great place to meet vendors who are often bringing new ideas and products that you have not had an opportunity to see. So if you are attending this conference, or any conference for that matter, make sure you spend some time with vendors. MissionPoint and CBIZ are two sponsors of this conference and they deserve some special attention. In case you have not figure it out yet, sponsors and vendors allow you to attend at a highly discounted price so give them some LOVE!

See you in a couple of weeks.

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