Future Friday: 6 Signs you are an HR Futurist


6 signs you are an HR Futurist
6 signs you are an HR Futurist

I borrowed the inspiration for this post from a post by Amanda Froelich, from True Activist. Her post was 6 Signs You’re a Futurist. Her points did not quite mesh with being an HR futurist, but they inspired me to come up with a similar type of list. So here are the 6 signs you are, or can be, an HR futurist.
Sign 1: You are well read.
To understand the possibilities of the future you have to be well read on both the past and the present. Much of what we will deal with in five, ten or even 20 years has its genesis today. Staying up on trends, changes in population demographics, and world events are all important to being able to anticipate what lays out in front of us.
Sign 2: You are an activist
This doesn’t mean you are a sign carrying protestor, though you may or have at some point. Rather it means you are dissatisfied with the current state of the field of Human Resources. You know it can be done better. You know there are different methods and structures that can be utilized to maximize the experience of employee and employer interaction. You may write about it or attend HRevolution and talk about it, but you are certainly trying to do something about it in your own organization.
Sign 3: Technology is a friend
You are an early adopter of new technology. This does not mean just gadgets but methods and applications. You understand and preach the value of social media and wince anytime some says “I don’t Tweeter.”
Sign 4: You are an optimist
Despite all the crap that goes on in the world, in business, and in your company you are optimistic…. Nay, you know things can and will get better. Yet at the same time you are a realist and know that it won’t all occur at once.
Sign 5: You realize the power of the collective
Change occurs when one or few get the many to want to change. You see that as your role in HR. Things will change for the better in employer/employee relationships when we convince both sides that everyone will be better off with the change we propose.
Sign 6: You realize the value and importance of individual education
This is close to what Ms. Froelich said in her post. We would not be having the discussion of minimum wage if everyone realized this and valued education. Change doesn’t occur without education. As she said “…a down-to-earth futurist recognizes that the real change has to happen on an individual level.” So you stay educated and are a constant learner. You strive to lead and encourage those around you to not only accept but embrace the changing nature of the world of work.
Take stock of yourself. Do you see these six signs in who you are and what you do? If yes, then you are an HR futurist.
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