EIGHT YEARS! HR Observations at Omega HR Solutions, Inc. turns EIGHT!

MP900313828[1]I am happy to say that Saturday August 31 will be the end of seven years of blogging for me. As I mentioned last year I published my first post entitled “Talent Problems.” Surprisingly the issues I discussed in that post are as relevant today as they were then despite the fact that we have been through a severe recession and are somewhat in a recovery now. You can see my first post in the picture below. I now have now written 1,226 posts and I plan on writing many more. The name has changed by HR Observations slipping into the background of Omega HR Solutions, Inc., though I still use it on some Tweets.
I find that the writing challenges me but I always enjoy it. The writer’s block, the looming or missed deadlines are all part of the work. Human resources and in particular HR compliance are not very sexy subjects. I go to blogger meetings and I listen to people who write about movies and food who get a million hits a month. They make their entire living off their writing. I don’t do that. I am a working consultant and my posts get much less readership than those other. But I hope I inform and teach and provide guidance for some wayward HR person or small business owner to make a correct decision.
I have made some changes and now feature Future Friday where I talk about a subject that I find fascinating and think HR needs to be prepared to deal with. I also take an occasional guest blogger. Additionally, I have written for other blog sites, notably Blogging4Jobs.
So as I head out into my eighth year I hope you will continue to come along and bring some others with you.
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