Empowering employees to make decisions: A review of The Decision Maker.

Do you allow your employees to make decisions? Without repercussions for mistakes made in that decision? Well you should, at least that is the contention of Dennis Bakke in his book The Decision Maker. I read the book and found it to be an interesting story of how a company is turned around when the co-owners start to allow employees to make key decisions. I found it interesting enough to engage two friends to help me review the book in a discussion that was recorded and presented here as a podcast.
Fellow reviewers

Co-host Todd Schnick
Co-host Todd Schnick

Co-host Bill Ramsey
Co-host Bill Ramsey

I have two friends and fellow business people that have similar reading tastes to mine. I suggested we read an occasional book and sit and have a discussion. Todd Schnick, an extraordinary marketing mind and host of a business radio show, suggested that we record our discussion. Bill Ramsey and I thought that was a great idea. I have called on Bill several times to guest post on HR Observations. We named our venture Three Men and a Book.
The Book
The book we are starting with is the aforementioned The Decision Maker. Dennis Bakke is the co-founder of Imagine Schools and was previously the co-founder, President and CEO of AES. AES is a power company with 27,000 employees and the methods he used to build the company acted as the “story” on which the book is based. It is a simple idea. Give people who are closest to the action the power to make decisions about their work without having to get approval. Teach them to make informed decisions, empower them to make those decisions and unlock the potential of the people and the company.
In this podcast Todd, Bill and I discuss our view of the concept and whether we think it works or not. Naturally I make sure there is a discussion of HR concepts as well.
The Podcast
The podcast is just over 39 minutes and because Todd donated his time and effort, there are two minor commercials in it. I think you will find it a very interesting discussion that will go by pretty quickly. So sit back and relax and take a listen. Then leave a comment if you would. Our next book to review in September will be Pink’s To Sell is Human.
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