Why Compliance training is part of good management: A guest post

Submitted by Ivy Deflin, Safetrac

Compliance training can be critical to the success of a company.
Compliance training can be critical to the success of a company.

Good business is all about shaping your company, through your actions, through the things that you do, the things that you don’t. It’s an exercise in infinite potential, and carving your own pathways through the marketplace. There is no single way to conduct good business, or to build a strong, healthy and solvent business. If there were a way to do that, everyone would do it and it would very quickly become worthless. So here are some reasons why compliance training is part of good business management.
Think outside the box
To find original and clever ways into business, you have to think well beyond the way that people have thought in the past. That means understanding all the basics and going beyond them. Your control over the market place is limited, you have to take the world that you enter as a business player for granted. Most of the things that affect the way your business runs will be beyond your control. What you can control are your own actions. Through your actions you can shape the world below you and around you, by creating a company with its own standards in management, in ethics, and in behaviour. Never underestimate the effect your actions can have on those around you. By setting a standard you have a potential influence that reaches far into the future. This is one of the most empowering things that a person can do. It means that you can inhabit a world that you have helped to create, even if it is shaped by external forces, rather living within a world that is totally determined by someone else and reacting to it.
Upholding standards
If you are a business owner or manager, one of the best ways to do this is through compliance with, and upholding of, industry standards and practices as they apply to you. If you ensure that your company and your workers are sticking to safety standards, or even outdoing them with higher standards that you have set, then you will show your workers that you care for them, that you are thinking about them, and that the work they do matters a lot to you. If you have hired staff, the chances are that you need them and the work they do. Ensuring their safety and well-being will not only protect you from hefty fines and legal consequences; it will have a knock on effect. It will show all of your potential clients and customers that you are heavily invested in the work that you do, that you pay attention to detail, and that any work you do will be carried out to the highest standard. Companies like Safetrac provide corporate compliance training management.
An investment not a cost
You have to think of compliance training management not purely as an expense, but more as an investment that will pay off to you in tiny dividends every day, over and over again. These dividends will come in the form of things like increased business, the work that your staff put in, and the public image and perception of your company. In short, compliance training management is part of good management, and good management means good business.

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  1. We need a word other than “compliance.” That word has a negative or “police-state connotation. Compliance is the wrong word to use when, for example, safety training and following good safety practices leads to fewer workplace injuries.

  2. Initially I thought businesses don’t need such training as it is compliance something that we can expect from all. But after working for different companies I have realized that we need training for that in order to create a culture in the organization.

  3. Ouch… Ça s’apparente quand même à un chantage ! Je n’imagine pas pouvoir travailler après une garde aux urgences, et s’il pense que dormir 3 heures pour récupérer suffit, c’est que ton tuteur doit être particulièrement inor0niaque&#823m;Bsef, bon courage, en espérant que ton remplacement sera agréable tout de même…

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