Future Friday: Do you have a plan B?

I made a presentation today to a SHRM chapter on 7 steps to being a practical HR futurist. I put a comment on Facebook that I was going to do that and one of my friends, a witty one, asked how it was going to turn out. I told him the goal of a futurist is not to predict the future but to determine alternative futures in order to be prepared to deal with different possible outcomes. You usually try to have four alternative futures, but not everyone can do that. However, everyone should have a Plan B. Do you?
Having a Plan B is important because at any time some critical function may be interrupted. Some times that interruption is short lived and when things are restored we go back to doing the “normal.” But what would you do if the interruption was longer term or permanent? Are you prepared to deal with a long-term loss of a necessary supply, or supplier, or service?
Think about that when you watch this video on how vulnerable the Internet is. Ask yourself how would we handle our business without the Internet? Watch Danny Hillis as he explains a bit of Internet history and why we need to be concerned.

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