The Carnival of HR from Doug Shaw

HR-Carnival-649 x 350I met Brit blogger Doug Shaw in April. He is a very interesting guy. Blogger, speaker, musician and an advocate for Stop Doing Dumb Things. He is the host of this late May version of the Carnival of HR. Doug asked contributors to submit in two categories. The first was BEGINNINGS. He wanted bloggers to discuss how things get started. He got some interesting posts.
The second section was entitled “Other crap we can’t bother to categorize” (actually being a Brit he spelled it categorise). I contributed to this one along with some other notable bloggers. Some very good posts here.
All of this good HR reading will lead you into the Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. If you have a rainy weekend you can keep yourself entertained. So go to The Carnival of HR – Beginnings and get a wealth of great information.
BTW, a note of appreciation to a fellow blogger and HR maven. Jessica Miller-Merrill is a resident of Moore, OK. Her house was just one block from the path of destruction left by the tornado in that town. He has spent her time and her network helping to coordinate efforts to help people left without a home or belongings. Check out her post on Surviving Moore.

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