The US DOL Fights Child Labor Violations IN OTHER COUNTRIES!


Youth unemployment rises as the USDOL sends money to other countries.
Youth unemployment rises as the USDOL sends money to other countries.

I have great news! Apparently all child labor violations in the US have been solved. We have eliminated child labor violations in the our country so now the United States Department of Labor is fighting child labor violations in other countries.
US DOL International Division?
Did you know that the United States Department of Labor has an international division? Well they do and they like spending taxpayer money on non- US labor issues. Recent examples include:

  • US Labor Department solicits applications for $7 million agreement to expand international knowledge base on child labor
  • US Department of Labor announces $10 million grant solicitation to address child labor and working conditions in Dominican Republic
  • US Labor Department to award one or more cooperative agreements to reduce child labor in Rwanda’s tea sector

One of the goals of the $10 million study is to ”… increase basic education opportunities for children, improve livelihoods for families and agricultural workers, expand employment programs that help youths transition out of hazardous work, and protect workers’ rights and children’s rights to education. The project also will build the government’s capacity to enforce labor laws; develop and pilot social compliance systems within agricultural companies; increase public awareness on child labor and other labor rights; share strategies and good practices; and engage in monitoring, data collection and research designed to guide future improvements under the project.” This would certainly be a noble goal IF IT WERE HERE IN THE UNITED STATES.
Youth Labor issues
Here in the US we have a good deal of youth unemployment. As summer approaches that situation is going to get worse. According to one news report In the U.S. the unemployment rate for those aged 16 to 24 is 16.2%, more than double the April national rate of 7.5%.” While it is noble to worry about youth labor conditions on the tea plantations in Rwanda I think our millions of dollars would be better spent on solving the US youth employment situation.
But that is just my opinion.

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  1. It is perhaps a noble intention; but this sort of activity isn’t appropriate for our DOL. Behavior like this is especially disconcerting in light of the argument that there is no room for budget cuts–only increased taxes.

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