May Carnival of HR

HR-Carnival-649 x 350The most recent version of the Carnival of HR is posted at Robert Tanner’s Management is a Journey. Robert divided this Carnival into two sections. One is called The World of HR and includes Naomi Bloom, Steve Browne, Karin Hurt, Prasad Kurian, Anita Lettnik, Mark McCarty, Ian Welsh and yours truly.
The second section was titled Every Manager has HR Responsibilities and includes great writers, including Wally Bock, Julie Giulioni, Georgiana-Florina Mihalache, Jennifer Miller, Steve Roesler, Jesse Lyn Stoner, Chris Young and of course a post by Robert himself.
So head  on over to the Carnival of HR and acquaint yourself with some great writers and some great information. Your HR education for the week.

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