Day Two of SHRM Atlanta

Day two of the SHRM Atlanta conference has continued to be interesting.
Affordable Care Act
My first session was on the ACA. Scary, scary, scary. Mike Penska gave us a different take on the subject. Rather than just talk about the regulations he talked about the importance of the metrics in the ACA world. He pointed out that if you do not pay attention you may suffer from unintended consequences. Knee-jerk reactions to the ACA without calculating ALL costs may end up costing you a great deal of money. It may require that your benefits specialist actually becomes a data analyst. So prepare. The ACA is about knowing the metrics so you can properly do compliance.
The second session was about multi-generational differences in the workplace. Beth Miller talked about the challenges of four generations and how you deal with communication and performance. For someone like me I was familiar with many of these issues, but for many in the room this was unfamiliar territory. One message was that don’t treat people as being just a generation, remember the “person” as well.
The third session dealt with immigration and the 12 mistakes most employers make. From mishandling the H1-B process to making errors on the I-9s employers are being fined millions of dollars. Attorney Shanon Stevenson got everyone attention when she started with a statement that the DOJ had arrested business owners, business managers and HR people in 2012 for immigration violations. That will make you sit up and pay attention. One interesting fact was that California forbids employers to use the E-verify system, while here in Georgia it is required for all employers with more than 10 employees.
The marketplace has been humming and the swag is flowing. On a personal note I have had a chance to meet people in person that I knew through social media. Evan Pontz of Troutman Sanders introduced himself. I had used some of his stuff in a blog post and as a result we got connected on Social media. It was nice to put the personal in the relationship. Apparently I do look like my picture.

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