Noon Report from SHRM Atlanta

I have seen two great sessions so far today. The first was by Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti who talked about Future Work Skills 2020. Fascinating stuff. I am going to reserve further discussion on her talk until Friday because I want to feature it on Future Friday, my Friday topic. So stay tuned for that.
The Jason and Joe Show
Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt talked about Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws. This was a very interesting presentation on how important how important WHO you know is in both your professional and personal life. I have written about this numerous times and I could not agree more with them. They shared with us Six laws of Social Gravity. These are (as interpreted by me):
Law #1 Be open to connections
If you are going to connect you have to be receptive to it. Eating lunch at your desk is not being open. Not talking to conference vendors is not being open. Put your picture on your Linked In profile and connect with people. They said it is our weaker connections that come that way that will most often resulting in quality changes in our lives.
Law # 2 Get involved in meaningful activities
We make better connections if we are around people we share a passion with. Involving yourself in some activity you care deeply about will let you meet people from different walks of life that share that passion
Law #3 Be authentic
They mean that they want to you to drop the “normal” way you act. Fly your FREAK FLAG they say. This is what makes you authentic.
Law #4 Stay in touch
There use to be a “friend” of mine that the would only be in touch with you if he needed a job. Bad way to stay in touch. Keep your connections fresh. Stay in touch by sending a note. Keep them up to date and ask them to stay up to date with you.
Law #5 Use Karma
By this they meant use reciprocity. Offers of help should be returned. You will build that social capital.
Law #6 Invest in connecting
Time spent building relationships will pay big dividends. So spend time working on it.
More can be found at their website Talent Anarchy.

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