Evening Report Day 1 from SHRM Atlanta

My first day of the 23rd SHRM Atlanta conference ended with three great sessions.
William Tincup taught us how to get user adoption of software applications. Before launched into his presentation however, he opened the floor to questions about software issues. He helped several people understand their situations better. Successful adoption relies on understanding your culture and understanding what your users need. Training should be free and if your software company doesn’t offer it they don’t love you. But William says don’t hate your sales rep.
Dr. Daniel Crosby taught us about the power of Influence and how to wield it. He taught us there six laws of influence. These include:

  • Reciprocation – people return kindness with kindness and malice with malice.
  • Scarcity – if what you have is scarce and people perceive something is slipping away they will want it.
  • Authority – perceived authority can be influential
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Power of consensus – Group opinion is very powerful.
  • Who we like and who likes us.

You can influence people by discovering their personal brands.
I ended the day with Eric Winegardner of Monster.com. He told us about the changing world of work. He had some sobering statistics about the number of people unemployed. The 7.6% unemployment rate translates to 11.6 million people without work. That’s the ENTIRE population of LA , Chicago, Philly, Phoenix, San Diego AND San Francisco! People with lower levels of education are unemployed at a greater level. Eric talked about the practices of many employers that are unfavorable to the unemployed. In particular is the practice of saying you will only hire people who are currently employed. In the best line of the conference he likened this to saying “the only people worth dating are married people.” He had a very compelling argument for changing the way in which companies hire people.
I am looking forward to Day Two.

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