Three Great HR Reads for Thursday


Three great reads on compliance topics.
Three great reads on compliance topics.

These three great reads concentrate on some aspect of compliance. Well that is what you came her for isn’t it? After all that is what I primarily write about. This time I am giving you a break from my writing and I am exposing you to other writers who also write about compliance issues.
Great Read #1
First up is Alexander J. Passantino, an attorney with Seyfarth Shaw. He wrote What Happened, Dude?: Overtime Hours, Working Time, and Tracking Apps. Alex talks about something I have also written about in Timekeeping Methods the USDOL Encourages Your Employees to Use and USDOL Timekeeping App: Better Watch For It and here The USDOL Arms Employees With a New Timekeeping App. He brings you up-to-date on the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) activities. He says “WHD has been making a strong push to educate employees about wage and hour law (and other statutes).  It is arming employees with tools to challenge your practices.  And, of course, WHD is itself aggressively enforcing the FLSA.” He suggests you pay attention and I echo his sentiment.
Great Read #2
Next up is Richard B. Cohen who writes A Refresher Course For Employers On Retaliation. He quotes an EEOC attorney who says “retaliation never makes sense, is never good for business and is always illegal.” He then provides us with some definitions and some guidance on how to avoid it. I wrote about this as well in To Keep Your Managers from Retaliating They Need to Know What that Means. Between both of these you should be able to recognize and deal with it.
Great Read #3
Last but in no way least is Robin E. Shea who writes Five snips on workplace harassment (plus a bonus). These five snips are entertaining and educational. I especially like the one on age harassment with a boss who wanted a younger, hipper VP and told him to dye his hair, get liposuction and go to strip clubs. Tell me you can resist taking a peek at this just to learn more! Being thoroughly ensconced in Baby Boomer status I am always happy to hear a blow being struck against age-ism.
So there you have three great reads that will entertain you and educate you.

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