Great Posts on Sticky Issues

Spring is in the air and so are compliance issues.
Spring is in the air and so are compliance issues.

The spring version of the Employment Law Blog is up and posted at Employment Law Blog Carnival: The “Spring is in Bloom” Edition hosted by Stephanie Thomas. There are many great posts that cover some sticky issues that I know many of you would just as soon not know about but YOU MUST.
Jon Hyman, Mark Toth, Heather Bussing, Eric Meyer and many others cover subjects like the FMLA, non-competes, BYOD policies, California law, social media and dealing with March Madness as well as other topics. I don’t know if you will find a better assortment of timely and important blog posts in the compliance arena than these.
Yeah… I hear you… “who wants to read compliance stuff?” (said in a whiny voice). Well you should. Compliance mistakes and hiccups are huge cost areas for HR and companies. Headaches galore that make cost you your job. So read up and learn something. You can thank me later.

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