Lack of awareness can reduce employee morale

How many times have you been walking and bump into someone you were not even aware was there? Or like my friend Todd, have someone walk into him? I had just that happen to me the other day at a networking event I was attending. I was standing there drinking a glass of wine when a woman walked by bumping into me and spilling my wine on my shirt. Fortunately I was wearing a wine colored shirt, but she never even stopped. (Now I must admit women have often not noticed I was there. But generally they don’t spill wine on me.) But what about being at work and you walk by employees not even noticing them? That lack of awareness can reduce employee morale.
Read Todd’s blog
My friend Todd Schnick, in his post Are you aware that you are unaware?, gives us several examples of lack of attention and what trouble it can get you in. I heartedly recommend you take the brief time needed to read it.
In addition to what he talks about this needs to extend to the workplace. You must be careful to make sure that you don’t walk by an employee without some recognition. Part of the problem Yahoo and Best Buy may have had was a lack of awareness on the part of managers. They were just not aware of what employees were doing, or not doing, and that allowed situations to get out of hand.
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 Here is a quick video on awareness. Watch and see what you notice.

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