Offshoring your Grandparents


Are we going to offshore eldercare?
Are we going to offshore eldercare?

We have for years heard about offshoring jobs, sending work overseas in order to cut costs. What if you had an opportunity to offshore your grandparents care when they become too infirmed to be on their own?
It is happening in Germany
Due to the rising cost of eldercare, combined with the ever increasing elder population, some Germans can only afford to care for their grandparents by sending them to nursing homes in Slovakia and Hungary. According to Kecia Lynn, in Germans Search Elsewhere For Affordable Elder Care,Germany is one of only four countries in the world with dedicated public long-term care insurance, with employers and employees contributing to a group fund.” Despite that and the existence of a fund to provide help the cost of eldercare has become so expensive that “offshoring grannie” or “Oma” is being perceived as an acceptable way to deal with the situation.
Is this in store for the US?
Who knows what the world might look like when I get to be the age to go into a nursing home, but my preference will be somewhere warm, salty and sandy. Let me tan my hide to leather and watch the bathing suits go by; it has to be better than Slovakia.

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