Five for Friday: Interesting Reading for the Forward-Thinking HR Manager


There are five common mistakes employers make in handling wage & hour situations.
Five interesting reads for Friday to stimulate your thinking.

Welcome. I am glad that you consider yourself to be a forward-thinking HR manager. As someone who likes to be aware of things beyond the realm of HR I like to read interesting items that don’t directly tie into HR but could information that might have some relevance at some point in the future. So here are five articles that I found interesting and I hope you do as well.First up is 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) Is Turning the Impossible Into the Possible written by Daniel Burrass. 3D printing is a technology that promises to radically alter a number of industries. If yours is one of them you need to be aware of this and consider how it may alter your HR processes. It is fascinating stuff.
Second is Know Your White Rabbit by Andrea Chalupa, who discusses the process of creating and the “crutch” that many of us use to get through a project that then impedes further progress. I had not really thought of it in those terms so it was an intriguing read.
Again in the vein of being  aware of coming changes is Big Data, Cities, Simulations and the Future by Andy Hines. He gives a quick peak as to how a futurist pays attention to trends from unrelated areas.
The fourth entry is from Stephen Dubner at the Freakonomics blog. Dubner answers the question of Why Is No One Talking About the Stock Market’s All-Time High? I don’t know if you had wondered why there was not more talking about it and now I have some answers. You will too.
Finally, a final thought on feedback from Seth Godin in The worst feedback is indifference. Just some food for thought from those who think performance reviews have no value.
I hope you have enjoyed these brief forays away from your standard reading.

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  1. Michael, thanks for a nice list of issues to keep our minds fresh. I re-tweeted “the worst feedback” comment, and added the question – “Are you making a difference? I suggest we do for others, with no expectation of getting anything in return.” When we start from there, our internal feedback will rarely allow “indifference.” Best, SL

  2. While we’re posting reads that aren’t specifically HR related, here’s one:
    The Go-Giver [A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea], by Burg & Mann.
    A great book. Another business book written like a novella . . . but not condescending in its simplicity.
    This one changed how I operate in business.

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