8 HR Tips for Small Business Success

Here are 8 tips that I feel will help a small business succeed in handling the “human” aspect of the business.

  1. Hire slow, fire fast. Select people carefully, fire judicially, but don’t drag it out.
  2. Know what skills are needed to do the job correctly and hire to those, even if it is a friend.
  3. Know what laws apply to you, at what company size and prepare for them.
  4. Set your systems up correctly and ahead of time. Don’t play catch-up later.
  5. Get a handle on the paperwork right away.
  6. Don’t think you can ignore the laws just because you are small. Just because nothing bad has happened doesn’t mean you are safe.
  7. Seek professional advice when you need it. Be cautious with “free” advice.
  8. Treat your employees with respect and dignity. Nothing will get you into trouble quicker than unhappy employees.

Anything you think should be added?

4 thoughts on “8 HR Tips for Small Business Success”

  1. All very good points Mike… perhaps the most important being the importance of treating employees with respect and dignity. An employee who is not engaged is an employee who is not productive!
    Thanks for sharing, and keep writing.

  2. This is great Mike, thanks for sharing. Many times I have looked outside my own company for a helpful HR solution as well. Mostly, I’ve had no luck, but I did find this great company, NEOGOV, which has been incredibly helpful with organizing my staff, overall work performances and status reports. Here’s a link to their site, it could really help your company: http://www.neogov.com/

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