The Importance of Aligning Objectives


Without coordinated objectives nothing gets done.
Without coordinated objectives nothing gets done.

Ever had one of those days when the people you are working with just don’t seem to be working in concert with you? They just don’t seem to be getting it? This may be the reason why.Self-interests
Alan Weiss, in his Monday morning memo shares a brief story about his granddaughter and a new puppy working at cross purposes and he points out the importance of aligning objectives. He points out that peoples’ default position is to act in their own self-interests. I have seen this a number of times in observing clients who are trying to get things done yet seem to be going nowhere. The team does not seem to have a coordinated set of objectives and without a coordinated set of objectives people will retreat to their default position of “what is best for me.”
All projects, teams or departments should have aligned objectives, but when things don’t seem to be going the way they should, you are not making the progress you expected, do a check to make sure everyone is still aligned with the overall objective. Without consistent reinforcement people will start moving toward what serves them and not necessarily the overall good of the organization.

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  1. It’s my understanding that purchasing food at Chick-fil-A yesterday actually had more to do with the very point you are making, not whether we agree or disagree with the fo2dren&#8u17;s position on Same-sex marriage. It was about freedom to hold different positions and not to be told by a city that you can’t set up shop because you hold a different positio than the mayor of that city!

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