HR Disaster Relief is in the Cloud


HR in the "cloud" is the major trend in HR information systems.
HR in the “cloud” is the major trend in HR information systems.

This past year has seen a number of natural disasters that have disrupted the daily operations of many businesses. Hurricane Sandy, blizzards, destructive tornados in the Southeast have all caused businesses to shut down and in some cases they lost significant property, including personnel records. So if you are in HR and are responsible for preserving employee records how do you do it? The answer is your disaster relief is in the cloud.
The “Cloud”
We have all most likely heard the terms “the cloud” or “cloud computing” but some may be unsure of what it is. In a nutshell it means the Internet according to this description in Wikipedia Cloud computing. I know I have had many HR people in classes I teach that are skeptical of “the cloud” and the safety and security of it. However, to me SaaS (Software as a Service) is more secure and easier to use than that hard drive sitting on your desktop PC. If your PC has been whipped away by a tornado, along with the backup drive, where are all your records? With SaaS and the cloud your files are at your fingertips from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
This is the trend
According to Cloud Predictions For 2013  “…in the midst of natural disasters. It’s happening more frequently and it’s a trend that will likely continue in the year ahead. The cloud will help these companies respond more quickly.” According to a 2011 article written by Deloitte SaaS products and cloud-computing solutions are growing at two to three times the pace of on-premises solutions.” Whenever I have a client that is looking for an administrative or organizational solution I always try to get them to consider a SaaS solution. There are advantages in costs and in ease of use that the desktop systems cannot offer, at least in my opinion.
Josh Bersin, wrote The Sleepy Little HR Software Market Is On Fire, just about a year ago and nothing has slowed it down. I attended Dreamforce last September and met a number of companies with HR suites that tie into I was so impressed with one called Vana Workforce that I am working on establishing a preferred vendor relationship with them.
Regardless of which one you select, it is time to give serious consideration to establishing your HR in “the cloud.” The security, the ease of use (aka working from home or the beach), and the sophistication beat the pants off that PC sitting on your desk.

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