The OSHA 300A must be posted by February 1. Management must always be safety conscious.
The OSHA 300A must be posted by February 1. Management must always be safety conscious.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires covered employers to post a lot of information. In addition to the OSHA poster the annual report on injuries and illnesses must be posted as well. That deadline of February 1st is fast approaching.
What must be posted
The OSHA Form 300 A is the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. It must be posted for employees to see by February 1, 2013 and must remain posted through April 30th. This is required of all businesses that are regulated by OSHA. If you do not have an OSHA 300a form one may be downloaded here along with instructions. Fines can be substantial if you are inspected and do not have this posted.
Exempted industries
There are some industries that are exempted. These include businesses such as insurance agents and brokers, real estate agents and managers, photography studios, legal services, and child day care services. You can find if your business is exempted by looking at Partially Exempted Industries. However, even though you may be in an industry that is exempted all industries must report any death or if three or more hospitalizations occur from one incident.
Safety is an attitude
I learned in some training I received early in my career that safety is an attitude. The attitude to provide a workplace that is as safe as possible must start at the top. It upper management does not pay attention then why should employees be expected to pay attention to that. Think of that the next time you walk by an unsafe situation. It became so ingrained in me that the other day I did not leave my local Home Depot until I had made sure some oil was cleaned up. I did not want someone to slip.
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