Let People Decide on Whether They Want to Work For You


Here is an idea: Let candidates select your company based on who works for you.

Here is a germ of an idea based on the concept of Meet and Seat, an application used by KLM Airlines to allow passengers to select whom they sit beside based on a social media profile. Let people decide whether they want to work for you based on who already works for you.
Meet and Seat
KLM has an application that allows passengers to view the social media profiles, LinkedIn and Facebook in particular, of other passengers who have allowed access to their profiles. You can select people who share similar interests, such as business or geography. It is strictly voluntary and you don’t have to participate, but if you do you might be able to avoid sitting by the chatty first time flier. An interesting concept.
What about recruiting
What if we applied this to attracting candidates to your company? Many candidates are interested in the job when they initially apply or interested in the company, hopefully both. Why can’t we make them interested in who they are going to work with as well? This could work a couple of different ways.
A small company could post the profiles of everyone in the company. A candidate could preview those profiles, most likely on LinkedIn, and decide for themselves if that is a group they would like to work with or not. Larger companies could post profiles of the department or subgroup that the candidate would work in and that would give them a chance to view their future potential co-workers.
Who knows, the presence of someone in the department with similar interests, similar background, an interesting job experience might be the tipping point in getting a candidate excited.
Already have the beginnings
The beginnings for this are already in place. Many employees have individual profiles. Why not take it a step further and get them to participate and capture them all in once group. You could then post the link to the group for everyone to see?
What do you think?

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