Why It is Important for HR to Stay Up on Technology


How many of you use a smartphone or a tablet to communicate with your employees? Still using email on a desktop? Well you are behind the times. Here is why it is important for HR to stay up on technology.
Desktop computers have been left behind
Here are some trends you to be aware of:

  • Americans now spend more time looking at their smartphones than they do TV!
  • Americans spend a full 9 hours a day consuming media and 26% of that time is spent on a mobile device.
  • Desktop Google searches declined for the first time in 2012. Searches did not decline, just the ones done on desktops. Mobile searches have risen significantly.
  • In 2011 the number of smartphones exceeded the number of PC (desktop and notebook.) In 2013, if you add in tablets that number will be almost 3 times and by 2015 it will be almost 6 times.
  • This is a global phenomenon.

What this means
If you are not prepared to communicate with employees through a mobile device you are missing the boat, behind the curve, a day late and a dollar short. Use whatever phrase you want, but it means you are missing the best opportunity to connect with your employees.
Alerts, company information, enrollments, the employee handbook, forms, etc. can all be optimized for use and viewing on a mobile device. Your company website should be optimized as well. If you don’t provide an opportunity for a candidate to interact with you through a mobile optimized site then you should not be surprised when they opt to go to work for someone else.
One of the best resources for keeping up is this article by Darko Jacimovic

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