Five for Friday Just Before Christmas


Five posts for end-of-the-week reading
Here are five posts to end your week with, at least those who have not started their Christmas holiday yet.
This first one is not actually about HR. But it does have implications for HR from a training standpoint or even personal development. Buying The College Experience Direct From The Professor by Kecia Lynn at big think tells us about getting accredited college courses in a direct manner from the professor. No classroom or institution involved. Interesting idea.
In Can Humans Live to 1,000? Should We? Orion Jones hints of things to come. How about have employees who work until they are over 100 years old? Think you have problems with baby-boomers now?
Daniel Crosby tells teaches us a lesson learned from a two-year old in The Power of “No”. It is a lesson that all managers and HR pros should learn.
Jon Hyman always provides sage advice and this is no exception. In 12 is the magic number: 12 thoughts for your workplace Jon tells you things you need to pay attention to. Ignore him at your own peril.
Lastly, the remarkable Seth Godin reminds us Empathy takes effort.
To all of you taking the next week off have a great Christmas. For the rest of you I will see you Monday.

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