Would You Buy THIS Union Made Product?


Union autoworkers reinstated by arbitrator despite being caught on video consuming alcohol and smoking pot.

After viewing this story I was appalled but not surprised. After all unions are designed to protect workers regardless if the workers are right or wrong. After reading this and watching the video I wonder if you would buy this union made product if your life depended upon quality.
The back story
Two years ago a Detroit TV station got a tip that workers were spending their lunch break drinking and smoking pot. The tipster feared for their safety working around people who were under the influence on the job. The TV station caught the offenders red-handed. After showing the video footage to company executives the employees were fired. I think ALL of us in HR would have agreed with that decision.
Well guess what? The union defended the employees and compelled the company to go to arbitration. It took two years to get a decision but the arbitrator reinstated the workers. It is unclear if they are getting back pay for the time off the job, my guess is they will be, but they are back to work. They may even be displacing all the people who took the jobs that opened up when they were fired.
I don’t know about you but one of these cars is not in my future.
The video
I was unable to embed the video in this blog so you will have to click on this link to see the story. News story from Detroit. I hope at the end you are shaking your head as well.

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