Why Process Improvement Matters: A Guest Post from Ben Eubanks


Take some time to look at your processes for their weak points.

Ben Eubanks is a rising superstar in the field of Human Resources. He is intelligent, creative, and personable and has two of the cutest twin girls on the planet. When he asked me if I would be interested in a guest post from him I was more than happy to accept. Read on.
By Ben Eubanks
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the perception of your department is the same with regard to your processes. The area where the processes are not well-defined or add strain to your staff is your weakest link. And it needs to be fixed.

Somewhere in the grand design, it’s good to be unsatisfied.

My previous manager took that phrase to heart. In her mind, there was never a time when we were 100% done with what needed doing. Even when we were feeling confident and accomplished after some big victory, there was always a push to continually make improvements to our area. Work products and processes are always able to be fine-tuned to be a little more efficient and effective.
I’ll go ahead and admit, at times it was a little frustrating. I just wanted to stop and let things settle for a while. But she never let me be okay with that. If something wasn’t working for our managers or employees, it was my job to fix it. If something was working well but could be tweaked slightly to be even more useful, it was my job to fix it.
Countering The Big Excuse
It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily work and never really “get around” to making those process improvements. Look at it as an investment-if you take the time now to make things better, then you will reap the benefits of that time investment time and time again.
Take some time to look at your processes for their weak points. Then, block out some time to work through the issues as thoroughly as you can. Your people will appreciate it, and you’ll be glad you did.
Ben Eubanks is an HR pro, speaker, and writer. He works as a one-man HR team at Pinnacle Solutions during the day, and at night he writes at upstartHR– an HR blog with a little humor, humility, and how-to. Check it out to learn more about the benefits of team building and other “in the trenches” HR topics.

3 thoughts on “Why Process Improvement Matters: A Guest Post from Ben Eubanks”

  1. Another maxim that a mentor passed to me, along these very lines:
    “Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest until the good becomes the better and the better becomes the best.”
    I encounter “the big excuse,” Ben, from others–and too often from MYSELF! I encourage others to implement a practice I began several months ago:
    I schedule my decisions.
    Since I live and die by my calendar, I literally schedule myself an appointment to make a decision final. If I haven’t done it by that point, I take that time to be decisive. I’ve found this the best way for me to make important [not urgent] decisions/changes that otherwise go unattended.

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