Every Meeting is an Evaluation


Every meeting should be seen as a chance to evaluate.
Many managers and supervisors say they hate doing employee evaluations and they don’t have time to do them. What they don’t think about is that every meeting with an employee is an opportunity to provide feedback and make corrections and that is what an evaluation is. So take the opportunity to make every meeting an evaluation.
Evaluation is job one
Jack Welch, formerly of GE, is well known for his management advice and GE is well known for its human resources practices. Welch feels that managers and supervisors should be providing frequent, candid performance reviews. He gave every one of his direct reports an honest appraisal four times a year. As he says “You have no right to be a leader if someone who works for you doesn’t know where they stand.” So he viewed EVERY meeting, regardless of the subject matter, as an opportunity for talent evaluation. Welch feels that this feedback and appraisal is the number one job of managers. He spent 60% of his time on human resources issues. By the way, if you are one of those managers that says “My employees know where I stand on their performance, I don’t have to tell them” you are wrong. They don’t know unless you tell them. I can guarantee they want to know.
Make a note
To make this ongoing process a useful tool it might help to make a note of the discussions you have with each employee, regardless of how brief the discussion may be. With today’s technology it is not hard to record, in some manner, what you said of did. I use a program called Evernote and I have found it invaluable. Remembering names becomes much easier to do by recording who I met and where. The same thing can be done with interactions with direct reports. That way you don’t have the burden of having to use recall in future discussions.
For the evaluation process to be effective on major change has to occur. Managers must change their attitude about evaluations and realize they are valuable. So give it a try. You may be surprised at the improvement in performance.
Hat tip to Nadia Goodman at the Daily Dose.

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