Five For Friday: Great Reads in HR


Five great reads from five great HR pros.

Here are some of the things that I have been paying attention to this week. I thought you might find these Friday five great reads in HR both useful and interesting.
First up is Sharlyn Lauby, also known as the HR Bartender. She often gets readers asking her questions. This week she addresses with a video response. So not only do you get a great answer you get to see and hear her as well. So check out Is It Okay to Lie On Your Resume? On Twitter @hrbartender
Next up is Lisa Rosendahl who writes Simply Lisa. She makes a confession to us that she is lacking in some of her management skills by not providing her employees enough feedback. (I know how that is, I work for myself and don’t talk to myself nearly enough.) So Lisa read a book to improve that area and she tells us about it in Career Development: 100 Questions to Grow By. On Twitter @lisarosendahl
Then we have Marissa Brassfield writing in The Salary Reporter. She talks about an interview question that the majority of us have either asked or been asked in an interview. See what her answer is to the question How to Answer the ‘Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?’ Interview Question. On Twitter @salarybuzz
Keeping with the interviewing theme, is Kris Dunn of the HR Capitalist. (Hey how did this guy sneak in with all these women?) Kris writes One Thing We Should Interview More For: EMPATHY. I don’t know Kris, I am just not feeling it. May be that is why I stuck you in here with all these women. JUST KIDDING!  Understanding your coworker’s pain, and joy, and struggles is very important in today’s teamwork world. And if you are not hiring for this then you may be missing the boat. On Twitter @kris_dunn
Last, but in no way the least, is Trish McFarlane, who writes at the HR Ringleader. She provides us with some thoughts about leadership behaviors and influence in How to be an Influential Leader. Coming from someone who is a leader in HR (keep up with her she is going to be a HUGE INFLUENCE in this profession) this is wisdom you will want to follow. On Twitter @trishmcfarlane
There you have five fabulous reads in HR that will make you better than when you woke up today.

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