Improve Your Ability to Get a Job in One Step


Acting confident will make you feel confident.
Many of us suffer from a lack of self-confidence from time to time. Speakers, consultants, lovers, and job hunters are notorious for questioning their ability to perform in the appropriate way in the appropriate situation. How would you like to improve your ability to get a job or to perform better in just one step? The secret is to improve your body language.
Your body language speaks volumes
Your posture speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself. We all know that because we have an inherent built-in biological ability to recognize body postures signals. What we usually fall down on is the ability to recognize when we ourselves are sending the wrong signals about our confidence. Many well-known “self-help” authors, such as Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and others offer advice about doing what is known as “fake it until you make it”, meaning that to be confident you need to act confident, to feel happy smile and laugh until you feel happy. I know from personal experience that this works.
Scientific research has also shown some support for this principle. Below is a TED talk given by Amy Cuddy where she talks about some of this research. This talk is 21 minutes long, but it is worth every minute you spend watching it. If you follow here suggestions you CAN improve your chances of getting that next job, or that next promotion, or that next speech or even that next date. Is that not worth 21 minutes?

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