Who Do You Treat Better? Customers or Employees?


If your employees are happy your customers should be happy too. And visa versa.

Have you ever been in an establishment where it was apparent that the employees were unhappy? How was your experience as a customer? In my experience it has generally been a less than positive event. If this has been your experience as well then perhaps you need to take a look at your company as well and ask the question, who do you treat better, your customers or your employees.
I raise this question after reading a business profile of Jim Hyatt, the new CEO of Church’s Chicken. Church’s is a 60 year old company, founded in Texas, but now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. With 25,000 employees and 1700 restaurants employee engagement has to be a major issue given the tie between the customer experience and employee engagement. I really don’t know anything about Church’s personally, other that I do enjoy their chicken on occasion, but I am sure they are in good hands. The reason I think this? Hyatt’s philosophy is stated as being “The guest experience will never exceed the team experience.” To my way of thinking that is a major key to success.
Can you say the same thing about your company?
(Article:Expansion key for this executive, by Bill Hendrick in the Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.)

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Treat Better? Customers or Employees?”

  1. Thanks Mike. This is great and oh so true. I have written and spoke on this as well. Take CARE of your employees and they will take CARE of your customer. My friend Ted Coine shared a short video on this yesterday. You can see it at switchandshift.com.
    Hope all is well with you Mike. Love to meet up for lunch or coffee sometime.
    Thanks again for all you do.

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