Three Great Reads in HR


Three posts important to HR and small business.

I always like to point out  some other great blog posts that I am reading and I think you should as well. This time around I am going to concentrate on compliance issues. This is stuff that ALL HR generalist  and small business owners should be aware of. So here are three great reads in HR to help educate you a bit.
First up is one of my favorites. Jon Hyman is an Ohio attorney par excellence who writes at the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. In addition to proudly sporting his “powerful” bald pate he is an excellent writer. The post that caught my attention this time is New pregnancy discrimination legislation is unneeded, redux. Jon points out that it is unnecessary to introduce new legislation to cover something that is already covered by current legislation. Needless and wasteful and all it does is make the job of HR all that much more difficult.
Texas attorney Michael Kelsheimer writes about a case that occured in Atlanta rather than Texas. In Believe it or Not – White Male Proves Discrimination he tells the tale of a white male who files suit for being denied a position in preference to a black female. Certainly not a commonly heard case. Perhaps this will be trend of the future and thus worthy of note by HR professionals.
Eric B. Meyer, author of The Employer Handbook, tells a tale of sexual harassment, but not the standard tale. This involves a policy, Hispanic employees, no translation, and a harasser who was the translator for the employees. Very interesting and something that is very important to note if you have an employee population that is not conversant in English. So take a look at $$$ reasons to have a second-language anti-harassment policy.
There is your education for the weekend. Now you can make better HR decisions.
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