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How well are you connecting on LinkedIn?
I think it is important to read outside of the field of HR. I make that statement for those of you that have not read me before, the rest of you are saying to yourself “So what else is new?” One of my favorite people to read is Todd Schnick. Todd is a marketing guy and a radio guy. He is also somewhat of a “disrupter.” He makes you think. One of the hallmarks for being good at what you do is being able to use the tools you have available to you. One of those tools today is LinkedIn. So here is some advice from Todd on learning to use the tools you have and using LinkedIn better.
Unlike many people Todd is a firm believer in uncluttering your LinkedIn. He feels that if you don’t know someone, don’t perceive they have any value to you in your business, or you just are not sure then, as he puts it, “…I’d suggest disconnecting from them. Quickly. And with malice.” They are just not necessary he says. Many people don’t go along with that, in fact a LION on LinkedIn is a LinkedIn Open Networker. This means they will connect with anyone. I am conflicted. I tend to control mine by just not accepting someone as a connection if I don’t know them and don’t perceive I will derive any value from the connection.
One thing I try to do is one thing Todd suggests. I pay attention to the updates and if someone I know has done something noteworthy or has changed jobs or has been given some super-duper award I send them a note. You never know when this will recharge a relationship that had lain fallow.
Really Connect
Todd suggests “When someone takes the time to connect with you, and provides a personalized message explaining why, don’t just accept the invitation and move on. Take a second to respond and send back a thoughtful message. LinkedIn makes it easy.” I love those personalized messages. They are much more meaningful. Unfortunately sometimes while on LinkedIn the app itself will give you an option to send a connection request without the option of the personalized message.
If you join a group it helps if you put some effort into it. I am guilty of not doing this as much as I should. But if you post on a group and ask a question it would be best if you responded to some of the comments you asked for. Todd did point out that there is a way to post polls that you can reuse for research or as a subject of a blog post. Pretty cool stuff. I have posted one poll. (Guess I should go look to see if anyone has responded he said with a sheepish grin.)
If you want to connect with someone in the marketing field, and you should, I can suggest no one better than Todd Schnick. You can find the posts I referenced in this post at:
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There is a lot more material and tips there. They are well worth the read.
BTW I am happy to connect to my readers. Just send me a personal message that you are a loyal reader and I will be happy to accept. You can find the link to my LinkedIn profile in the sidebar.

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