Six Years of Blogging and Counting

Six years ago, on August 31, 2006, I published my first post entitled “Talent Problems.” Surprisingly the issues I discussed in that post are as relevant today as they were then despite the fact that we have been through a severe recession. You can see my first post in the picture below.
 My First Blog PostSix Reason I Write a Blog
I was asked to present a webinar on why I blog. There were a number of things I talked about which included these six reasons:

  1. It challenges me to keep my knowledge current. Since I consult and teach staying current in the HR arena is important. I like writing on a wide variety of topics. My biggest areas are compliance, unions and generalist HR stuff. But I have written on futurism (a big interest of mine), telecommuting, the wisdom of Peter Drucker, employee relations, recruiting, interviewing and whatever catches my interest.
  2. I want to help companies, large and small, do “Great HR.” If I can inform or teach through my writing, then all the better.
  3. I “meet” people that are readers. Being an independent consultant can be lonely sometimes and I have increased my HR “friends” as a result. (Blogging also got me started on Twitter, Linked In, etc. so that has helped as well.)
  4. I enjoy the ego strokes I get when people tell me they really enjoyed or learned something of value from my posts. I enjoy when I get invited to write for someone else. I have had and have several such invites. I like them, and I am willing to do more. (hint, hint)
  5. And of course I do it to promote my business. Although my consulting business is directed to small companies that don’t have HR professionals per se, the blog has helped establish my credentials as an “expert” in HR thus helping “sell” me. (BTW, I can always use more referrals.) I am also hoping it helps me establish a speaking career.
  6. It provides me with an intellectual challenge that keeps me on my toes.
(Most of this list comes from a post entitled My 600th Post: Why I Write)

I invite you to ask me any questions you have about blogging.

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