The I-9 you are using is about to expire, now what?

For those of you who are observant you will have noticed that the current I-9 you are using is about to expire on August 31, 2012. For those of you not so observant do not worry, well I would worry if you have not been using he right form, but that is another story. In either case you may be wondering “now what?”
According to an article published on the SHRM website the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) will most likely issue an interim form with nothing but a changed expiration date on it. However, as of this writing that form had not yet been issued. But keeping checking for the new form by looking here and when you see an expiration date later than 8/31/2012 make sure you download it and use it from that point forward, at least until they issue a new one.
The USCIS has solicited comments for a new form, according to the article, so those of you who read the Federal Register on a regular basis (snicker) will see it before the rest of us. Most likely they will add some lines, or require different ID, or some other thing to make our HR lives all that much more difficult.
Regardless of the outcome I will make sure the updated form will also be available on my website. So you can watch here as well.

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