Three Essential HR Reads

Here are three essential HR reads to end your week with that will keep you up-to-date.
First up is The language of the modern workplace written by Jon Hyman. There have been recent official introductions into the English language that apply to the workplace that you need to include in your HR process. Jon is spot on with his advice.
The second is a guest post by Kristin Weger on Dr. Daniel Crosby’s Incblot blog, called How To Measure Teamwork. She talks about three aspects of team measurement. I know that many people struggle with the concept of teamwork measurement so take a look.
And third is another post by Jon Hyman. He and I have both written about the NLRB making life more difficult for companies when they are trying to conduct confidential investigations. Now he tells us about the EEOC wading into the fray in Confidential workplace investigations are under attack … by the EEOC? Pay attention to the fact that the EEOC may consider this a “flagrant” violation of the law.
Well these three should provide you enough food for thought for several days. They may even cause you to lose some sleep.

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