One Key Tip to Giving Useful Feedback

We get and give feedback all the time. Sometimes it is solicited, sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is tied to a specific act, other times it covers multiple acts. Regardless here is the one key tip to giving useful feedback.
“It starts with looking someone in the eye, with having a direct one on one conversation…” according to Seth Godin. He was referring to talking to customers, but I think this applies to managers and employees. He further said that you need not listen to anonymous critiques or criticisms; all it will do is bring you down. The same applies in the workplace. If you hear something negative about your performance go and address it face-to-face with your boss.
That may take some guts to do, but you will be better off for it and it is a sight better than waiting until the end of the year. By addressing it you have a chance to correct it. Everyone will be happier if you do and you will be ecstatic if you find out nothing was amiss.

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