#SHRM12 Conference Update

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Tipping Point and Outliers, presented the Keynote.

The conference continues to be very good. I started at 7 am with the 10 mistakes that employers make in wage & hour that cost a lot of money. I have written on these before. The basic message was it is very expensive to ruin your exemptions.
The keynote was given by author Malcolm Gladwell. His message was that we have under gone a paradigm shift from baby boomers to the millennials. This shift consists of moving from a hierarchy way of doing things to a networking method. He contrasted the Civil Rights movement to the Occupy movement. The CRM was a hierarchy with leadership, an ideology and organization. Occupy does not have that, by design. Today’s workers want to operate by the power of the network. He did say there are some skills that have to be learned in a hierarchy. Gladwell says we need to help those workers learn what those are.
In the afternoon there was a session on candidate engagement. Too many companies do not do a good job of make sure the candidate experience is a good one. The lesson of the talk was that in today’s social media world it is dangerous to not pay attention to the candidate.
The Exposition continues to boggle the mind with the number of offerings for companies in the HR realm. I will be posting later on two interviews I conducted on presenteeism and on the EEOC crackdown on conducting background checks.

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