Raise Your Heart Rate to Raise Your Wage Rate

If you didn’t need another excuse to exercise on a regular basis; how about making more money? A study published in the Journal of Labor Research found that people who raise their heart rate also raise their wage rate. Researcher Vasilios D. Kosteas found that people who exercise on a regular basis make 6% to 10% more than people that don’t. Further research found that there was an even greater effect for people who exercise strenuously.

Strenuous exercise can increase what you earn by up to 10%.

There are several reasons that exercise may result in more money. These include:

      • Studies have shown exercise increases intelligence, which can result in higher wages
      • Greater stamina which can lead to greater productivity, which can result in higher wages
      • More self-confidence which could translate to better negotiation skills, which can result in higher wage
      • Weight loss. Studies have shown that overweight workers earn less.
      • Higher enthusiasm because of a better outlook

Well you get the idea. So lace up the shoes and head out for that run, that ride, the Pilates class or play that basketball game. The idea is to be active. Who knows you may end up being more successful.  

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