Five Valuable HR Reads

Five Valuable HR Reads that will make you a better HR professional.

As I occasionally do, I wanted to give you a break from my writing and point you to the work of others that I think produce outstanding work. So here are five valuable HR reads that will educate and inform you.

  1. Jon Hyman, of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, is an excellent choice to start off with. His post 25 million reason to tell a good story is an excellent lesson in why you pay attention to the interactions your employees are having with each other. You need to look beyond the “oh that is normal horseplay” kind of reasoning. A great lesson.
  2. Next up is Marisa Keegan who wrote No More Mr. Nice Guy which appeared in Fistful of Talent. She points out that managers that try to please everyone end up pleasing no one. This goes for HR as well.
  3. Sharlyn Lauby, the HR Bartender, writes consistently good stuff. This time she gives us a reminder of the First Rule of Business: Know Your Competition. In HR we are supposed to be business partners. Do you know who your competition is? Do you pay attention to them? Have a Google alert set up for them? Perhaps you should think about it.
  4. My friend Cathy Missildine, asks the question What is driving employee engagement? at Profitability Through Human Capital. Everyone in HR has wondered what makes their employees engaged or not. This might help answer some questions.
  5. I will finish up on the metrics theme. There are more and more people saying we are getting in to overkill on metrics. We are doing metrics for metrics sake and not for the real reason of understanding. Steve Boese provides us with a perfect example of that in Its Hard to Rally Around a Metric. This was a post of value.

That rounds out the five valuable HR reads for you this week. I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

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