A Lesson in Creativity


What can you do to repurpose or reinvent something at your company and be creative?
I never cease to be amazed at how creative some people are. Here is a lesson in creativity I read about in the blog post on Freakonomics that was written by Daniel Hamermesh. In Pedaling and Charging he tells about a program at the Brussels Airport. (For those of you who are geographically challenged that is the capital of Belgium and is the de facto capital of the European Union. See Brussels)
As in many airports they offer charging stations for laptops and phones. I am certain you have seen these as you have traveled. But the stations in Brussels have a twist. In order to charge your phone you have to sit and pedal the charger. You can see a picture by clicking here. I think this is interesting for two reasons. If saves the airport on power and it lets the traveler get a little bit of exercise. It is a very interesting rethinking of what has become a common place item.
In your organizations is there something that has become common place that can be reinvented or repurposed? For those of you that have exercise equipment you could steal this idea. But beyond that what are some of the things you could do? Think about it. Get an engineer to work with you. Let us know what you are doing to repurpose or reinvent some process or equipment?  

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