The Meaning of RPO in Talent Acquisition: An Interview with Kris Dunn

Hiring the proper people is critical to a company’s success. We all know that. However, many companies still continue to do a poor job of it. The authors of the book Talent Force say that finding the proper talent is so critical that the recruitment function should be separated from the normal HR function. They argue that it is the recruitment function that needs to have the strategic alignment and have a strong working relationship with key managers. One way of having this separation is to outsource the recruitment process.
We have been outsourcing portions of the recruitment process for quite a number of years. Companies have been using third party recruiters to fill positions. To fill many positions in this manner could be expensive. Cost -per-hire is an important number to pay attention to. As always happens someone created a solution to this problem and they created something called RPO. When I first heard this I had no idea what it meant. But I know someone who was in that business and he explained it to me. So today’s blog is an interview with Kris Dunn and he is explaining the meaning of RPO and EVP in talent acquisition. Kris is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Kinetix and fellow blogger, author of the blog The HR Capitalist.
(Note: This blog post is not a commercial for Kinetix, it is used to provide context to the explanation.)

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