Social Media Policy Mess


Will Your Social Media Policy pass the NLRB test?

The use of social media in the workplace and even beyond the workplace has gotten to be pretty confusing. I am not even sure I can make sense of the social media policy mess. Some of the attorneys I know cannot make sense of some of it either, especially with the machinations of the National Labor Relations Board. So I am going to refer you some of the blog posts that have been written on the matter as well as a few other posts on the legalities of social media.

So check this blog posts out and see if you have any more insight into this mess than these fine minds.

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  1. Mike,
    Much is being made about this issue and I thought the snapshot in today’s “USA Today” from a CareerBuilder survey of 2,300 hiring managers and HR professionals was interesting:
    52% said NO they do not research candidates on social networking sites
    37% said NO but I plan to start
    11% said YES
    Much is being argued over this but it would appear only a small percentage of employers are actually doing this. I thought it was interesting and tied into your post. Much less than everyone thinks if this survey is to be believed.
    Keep up the good work,

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