The Importance of Brand in Attracting Talent


Is your "brand" attracting the right people or the wrong people?
I don’t think anyone will argue that the “brand” your company projects is important in attracting customers. It is also important in attracting “talent” to your organization.  
However, equally as important is the fact that your brand also acts as a natural screening tool to applicants. If you project a strong brand you will attract people who want to be associated with you and not attract people who do not want to be associated with you. As an example it is unlikely someone my age would be interested in working for Abercrombie & Fitch.
All this may seem to be self-evident, but many companies do not have strong talent brands and subsequently whenever they are hiring the people that apply will cover a broad range. Lack of a brand neither attracts who you want nor discourages those you do not want.
So if you are overwhelmed by a plethora of mismatched resumes take a look at your brand. Does it send a clear signal? Or is there a total lack of identification of the kind of talent you would like to have?


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