Random Thoughts on the Future of HR


What are your thoughts on the future of HR?
I was thumbing through a notebook of mine while I was waiting for an appointment to arrive. I was reading a book called Futuring: The Exploration of the Future by Edward Cornish. In my notebook I had jotted some random thoughts on the future of HR. I would like your comments on my musings.
Here they are:

    • People will carry their employment history on a scanable card eliminating the need for resumes. This may increase the accuracy of information.
    • HR will have a greater role in managing the technology of workers, thus they will need greater technical skills themselves.
    • Recruiters will transform into agent who represent workers for their working life negotiating wages, benefit and other employment terms.
    • Employee perceptions of how the world operates is grounded in their personal view so HR will have to constantly work on revealing the real world to the employees.
    • The number of HR related laws will increase to the point it will be necessary to have HR professionals trained to think like attorneys or to actually be an attorney.
    • Because of the greater emphasis on the importance of understanding relationships HR professionals will need to have training in the psychology of relationships.
    • HR will need training in system theory and scenario planning.

What do you think of my thoughts?
What are your thoughts of the future of HR?

1 thought on “Random Thoughts on the Future of HR”

  1. Hi Mike:
    I am very much in tune with your thoughts on the future of HR. The recruiter/agent concept is very interesting and powerful with all the increases in legislation/compliance.
    HR revealing the real world to employees has, I believe, some risks. We could be communicators of the company position (Orwell 1984 reality) or we could give our perspective of the real world which may not help the relationship – politics could strongly influence personal views of the “real world”.
    Great thoughts, Mike

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