Listen Up: Your Company is in Unionization Danger

If you are not prepared your company will be a target for union activity.
I know a lot of HR managers and even business owners who feel safe from the actions of the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). They feel that the National Labor Relations Board actions do not apply to them well they could not be more wrong! Recent actions by an “activist” board are promoting a union agenda and making it easier for unions to make inroads into your company. One particular danger is the “quickie election” decision by the Board.
Rather that writing about it myself I am actually sending you over to read the excellent post by Mike Vandervort, who writes The Human Race Horses blog. His post on the New NLRB Election Rule changes are a trap if you aren’t ready is a very readable, understandable clarion call of warning.
If you are in HR or are a business owner/CEO and you don’t read this then SHAME ON YOU.
I warned you.

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